Symposium Pro-Fireplace

Symposium Pro-Fireplace


13.00: registration of the participants and visit of the sponsor exhibition

2 pm: Welcome by the President of the lvh.apa Marti n Haller, who is in charge of the business

14.15: The climate house with fireplace and stove: energy efficiency, renewable energy, emissions
Speaker: Dott. Ulrich Klammsteiner, Technical Director of the Climate Agency

14:45: The fireplace from the perspective of building physics: fire protection, air tightness and thermal insulation
Speaker: Peter Erlacher, Building Physics & Sustainable Building, Naturno

3.30 pm: The storage stove in the climate house: heating capacity, "environment plus" combustion chamber, feel-good zones
Speaker: Ing. Josip Zekic, Austrian stove association

4:20 pm: Short presentation of the lvh awareness campaign on the roof

4.30 pm: Panel discussion

17:15: Sponsors exhibition and buffet