Conversation with EPP group leader Manfred Weber

Conversation with EPP group leader Manfred Weber
President Oswald Wilhelm (Federal Association of Chimney-Sweeps, ESCHFOE), EPP parliamentary group chairman Manfred Weber, head of craft guild Holger Frischhut (Lower Bavaria Chimney-Sweeps Guild)

The topics of the joint discussion were fire protection and the operational safety of fireplaces and heating systems, cleaning of ventilation systems and the energy transition. President Wilhelm explained the respective subject areas and substantiated his points of view with pictures and statistics. In the area of operational safety of combustion systems, Weber was impressed by the effectiveness of the regular inspection in connection with a carbon monoxide measurement. Wilhelm asked the MEPs to campaign for such a CO measurement to be prescribed in all EU countries.
In the area of ventilation systems, the interviewees agreed that from a hygienic and functional point of view, regular inspection and cleaning, as is required in Sweden, for example, makes sense. The group leader encouraged the chimney sweep trade and said that it was on the right track.
The topic of ventilation in particular will occupy a much larger space in the building of the future and it can often be seen that nobody really cares about these systems. In this respect, ventilation is a good addition to a chimney sweep's portfolio.
Wilhelm also went into detail about the possibilities in the area of energy consulting. With the clearly defined goals of the EU and Germany for the energy transition, the tasks of the chimney sweep trade will also change. Many colleagues have already recognized this and are therefore requesting their services in the field of energy services.
Manfred Weber was astonished at all these activities and agreed to support as far as he could.
President Wilhelm thanked the chimney-sweeps for the visit and wished them “to be lucky with the political actions” and, above all, good health.